Personal space shrinks and expands as the tiny gestures you make with your fingers on the screen are magnified for all to see.










Tentacles has been presented in urban environments, indoors and out, projected onto walls, and giant outdoor screens on the sides of buildings:


Mobile HCI, OCAD University

Toronto, Sept 26-29, 2014

FICCI Frames

Mumbai, March 12 - 14, 2013

Talk to Me, Museum of Modern Art

New York City, USA, July – November 2011

Transmission, GLOBAL SUMMIT 2011

Victoria, Canada, February 2011

MediaCity 2010, Bauhaus University

Weimar, Germany, October 2010

Festival du nouveau cinema

Montreal, Canada, October 2010

Mobilefest, Museum of Image and Sound

Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 2010

Nuit Blanche, Lennox Contemporary Gallery

Toronto, Canada, October 2009



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